Marie Bukreeva

Film photographer

My name is Marie Bukreeva. I`m film photographer since 2008 when i bought my first analog camera Zenit E.

I was working as a journalist, writing about cinema what was my big passion at that time. I was taking pictures of famous actors and directors. In 2013 i decided to change my profession and started to work for big park in Moscow Gorky park. I was curator of educational programmes. I created and organised Photocourses, lots of photo exhibitions. In 2015 i was head of museums projects but in 2016 i decided to follow my dream and quited the office job. I always wanted to be photographer and traveler and finally a allowed myself to be one.

I live in Moscow and Barcelona, always travelling for work to different countries and cities. In 2018 i started to teach people film photography and also how to promote yourself as a photographer. I`m giving private classes as well as workshops in russian and english.

If you want to contact me for any questions please write to me

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Telegram: @FilmMarie
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